Release Notes

Some notes on new features in various releases

What’s new in 0.5.1


  • Remove support for python 3.7 and add support for python up to 3.11

  • Update the project dependencies

What’s new in 0.5.0


  • Added a new type of solver under the class MinHoursRoster for rostering problems, it can find the roster of resources for each day and shift subject to shift restrictions, resting days, shifts preferences, bans, and more.

  • Added the properties waiting_probability_params, service_level_params, achieved_occupancy_params, and required_positions_params in MultiErlangC to track in which combination order each method returns a solution.

API Changes:

  • The queing module was renamed to queuing

  • The shifts module was renamed to scheduling

What’s new in 0.4.1 and bellow

  • Implemented ErlangC for solving queue systems positions requirements

  • Implemented MultiErlangC as a parallel implementation for multi-input ErlangC, similar to scikit-learn’s param_grid in Grid Search

  • Added MinAbsDifference and MinRequiredResources solvers to find the optimal number of resources to allocate in a shift, based on a pre-defined requirement of the number of resources per period of the day.

  • Github actions for pytest and Codecov report

  • Examples and tutorials on all the package features

  • Initial docs setup